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Personality means characteristics and appearance of a person – pattern of thought, feeling , behaviour, communication ability and physical features . A child inherits many personality traits from its parents. Personality of a person takes its basic formation in the beginning period of childhood. Its experiences in the family and the society are very crucial. Friends, teachers and the environment of school have their own positive or negative impact. Adults need to be very careful while rearing a child because deep scars on the psychology of a child may have permanent marks. To develop positive thinking in the child parents must relate to each other in a positive way.

With the help of good training a child or an adult can learn communication skills, different subjects, driving or computer operating. Similarly a training in personality development enhances the general as well as unique traits (characteristics which differentiate one from others) of a person. A teacher of personality development helps a person to get positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improve behaviour, learn better communication and develop a healthy physique.

Everyone is influenced by an attractive personality. And without influencing others you can’t get success in today’s competitive world. Therefore the importance of personality development has risen very much. These days every good public school is careful about the personality development of its students.

Some years ago parents rarely gave any importance to personality development of their children. Emphasis was given only on physical appearance and expertise in work. But now the time has changed. It is an age of competition and economic revolution. Although opportunities of progress are everywhere yet a student has to work very hard to climb the stairs of a brilliant career. The person having a good personality can move through the difficulties with more confidence.

Many people still think that personality is related to physical appearance of a person. If a person is well-built and wearing a good dress it is said that he/she is having a good personality. But it is not a rational approach. In case the inner personality of a person is weak he/she will lose impact as soon as he/she speaks or behaves. Such a person fails to create a lasting impression on others. Rising in career graph becomes a very difficult task. Therefore both inner and outer personality of a person should be strengthened.

In their best-selling publication ‘Born to Win’ well-known psychologists Muriel & Dorothy have written that a man is basically born to win. But due to negligence our winning potential doesn’t grow to the best of its capacity. Mostly people develop their personality according to the expectation of others therefore they are unable to shine their unique traits. Therefore we need to break the barrier and rise bravely with our originality and uniqueness. Only then one can transform an ordinary personality into an impressive one.

Previously it was thought that every person lived his or her whole life according to the personality script written in childhood. To change it was almost impossible. But after years of research and practical applications the man has progressed in the science of personality transformation. With the help of simple methods now anybody can develop a winning personality and change his or her future.

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  5. Every school should have a course in personality development. But most schools stress on useless theory. It is bad.

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  7. personality development is very much important to learn. that is, if the teacher and the students have good interaction.

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