Mar 162011

Do you think you are not able to pronounce English words properly? Do you avoid speaking English as much as possible due to this difficulty? Many persons are good in English writing but poor pronunciation skills can reduce their confidence level. Others also think that they are incompetent or uneducated. Many people even develop serious inferiority complex if they pronounce words badly.

Good news is that anybody can improve pronunciation by following some simple steps. Although it takes time to get a good pronunciation habit but if you work hard on it you will succeed.


The first rule to learn better speaking is to speak slowly. Every word you speak should be clear. Then others will be able to understand your meaning properly. Practice fast speaking only when you are able to make correct sentences and your pronunciation is good.


Now and then record your sentences and listen to them. See how you are pronouncing the words. How clearly you are speaking. It will make you aware of your mistakes or speaking problems. And do you think others will be impressed by the way speak? Improve yourself.


Take a newspaper or conversation book and practice loud reading so that you are able to listen to your own voice. Practice it for several minutes a day. It will improve your pronunciation as well as your way of speaking.


Listening to videos, news and discussion programs will help you a lot to get right pronunciation of words.


Keep a dictionary that also tells right pronunciation of a word. Most of the people learn to pronounce properly with the help of a good dictionary.

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  1. good tips. very useful really. thank u sir.

    mohan rawat, kanpur

  2. Very good tips, thanks sir.

  3. good tips really

  4. good tips i have really improved thanks
    lol :)

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